March 2nd, 2014


У меня увели стим акаунт... Это боль...

Dear dlinyj,

We've received a request to access your Steam account from the Steam Client on
a new computer located at IP address:
Our records show this IP address is in YEKATERINBURG SVERDLOVSK RU

The following code is only for logging into the Steam Client.
Do not enter this code into a web browser. If this email was generated as a result
of you entering your account name and password into a web site, that site may be
malicious, and we recommend that you change your password immediately.
Click here for more information:
Verify Login Location

To complete the login, enter the following special access code into the
authorization dialog in the Steam Client before trying to log in again:

If you did not attempt this action, please change your password immediately.

Thanks for helping us maintain the security of your account.

The Steam Support Team

Надеюсь этот хакер умрёт в муках... Как сделали - не знаю, гамаю в лине. Мыло не вскрыто. хз...